Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer 2010

I remember when I was a kid, and my summer was filled with nothing but sleeping in, cartoons, skateboarding down the road to check the waves, the occasional chores like dishes or mowing the lawn, surfing, tennis, and whatever the hell I felt like doing one hot, Florida summer day. It's amazing how you never realize how easy you had it... until it's gone one day. Now my summer's are spent running a surf camp 12 weeks out of the summer, working at both Surf Stations, working at Treaty Skate Park, and on top of it doing private and group lessons nearly everyday. My life went from surfing everyday... to teaching everyday. Finally it was the last week. 25 kids signed up for camp. It was brutal. here's what the camp looks like
On last Thursday I helped 25 kids surf from 9:00AM- 2:30PM. Then did a ten person lesson after from 4:00pm-6:30pm. I'm tired of teaching and am ready to surf again. Luckily this summer I'm getting to make a trip... and will be leaving Saturday August 14 for Costa with Adam(weezle) Muller, staying in San Jose, Hermosa, and wherever we decide to go. I've been utterly stoked to go... but tore my knee last weekend. With Costa only 6 days away... I'm hoping doctors give me the best news possible. Enough typing. Here's Weezle shredding with a couple of other homies.

here's me and my weirdness...

and some vilano footage of the guys... made by Drew Miller

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