Monday, June 7, 2010

Conservation Cadets... A Mean, Green, Eco-Friendly team

Last semester Drew Miller and I worked together in a Reality Programming class where we and 4 others created a reality TV show based on going green with a cast of kids from around town. We worked with Barry Sand--original writer and producer for The Letterman show-- where we wrote up ideas, casts ideas, moved on to writing scripts, and finished it shooting and editing. Through the whole process, Flagler SIFE decided to join in and try and take all the credit for the show me, drew, chiara cortesano, lauren greaves, and 2 other classmates created. They pretty much succeeded in taking over, while me and drew did all the shooting and editing, and the other classmates wrote more scripts (while we did as well). Anyways, it was truly a fun experience that included: casting auditions with more than 50 kids trying out, over 10 different shoots that took hours on end trying to get the best takes from the kid actors, and then the editing which Drew did mainly that took several of weeks.
I think it's funny and the show was made to be humorous and somewhat informative. I'm going to put most of them up here.... let me know what you guys think. Lame or not lame?
o ya... and Flagler SIFE is a joke. here it is on First Coast News
and here's the video's

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