Monday, September 12, 2011


Technology is making this country lazy(ier).
Google this, wiki that. Hey! Be my friend on facebook! The shortcuts of life.
M.T. Anderson is the author of a futuristic book, feed, where the world has taken it upon itself to place micro computer chips into the back of everyone's brain. No need for computers, cellphones, not even malls. Everything you need is in the blink of an eye, or the strike of  brain nerve. Banner ads everytime you blink, online shopping just a thought away, who needs to even speak anymore? Because everyones online on chat.
I love the route technology is going, but I'm also afraid it will make us dull and inattentive (well maybe not to our iPhones).
Don't get caught up in this tech web, and forget about the means to life.
Deleting facebook, forgetting your cellphone, climbing a mountain and camping for a couple days wouldn't kill you would it?
73% of America might says yes.

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